About Us

Wiki Woolz creates one-of-a-kind wickedly warm wool mittenz from upcycled/recycled wool sweaters! The company started in 2005 when sisters-in-law Christine and Lori began working together creating these awesome mittenz as the family was spending much time in the stands of cold ice hockey rinks. A few years have past and now Lori’s (Mimi) grandsons are playing ice hockey and the family continues to spend time in those cold rinks! It’s a family affair as daughters-in-law Jenn and Kimmie and great friend Aunt Diane joined in on the sewing fun, helping to stitch the buttons and hang tags on the finished mitten pairs! The year round search for sweaters/buttons keeps family and friends very busy on the “hunt”! Made from upcycled/recycled 80-100% wool sweaters, lined with fleece and topped off with a cool pair of buttons each pair is one-of-a-kind creation.  Just like winters snowflakes no two mittenz makers are alike.  Wiki Woolz works hard to set themselves apart from the rest proudly creating a quality handcrafted Made in Wisconsin product!!!

We invite you to put on a pair, your hands will thank you!











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